I had high hopes for this series, after meeting the new Pike with Disco S2. And we finally get more of Number One, after lo these many years.

The first episode was, I have to admit, a slight disappointment. Only slight, tho. They did a good job introducing the cast, and the story was good - You can’t go wrong violating the prime directive - but the flavor just didn’t quite come together for me. No starship that size is going to have a crew of only three in that era, ffs.

That didn’t stop me from rolling right into the second episode. While it’s always fun to see Trek continue to fail to understand basic physics (no, your little space heater isn’t going to crack a comet nucleus without more direct application of energy), the story was nice and the character development well-paced. The spock/uhura conversations before/after felt a little forced, but that actually worked to make them seem the awkward sort of thing they would actually be.

Episode three was, to put it mildy, VERY UNSUBTLE. Especially liked the “See, the Federation isn’t perfect, we’ve got bigotry, BUT WE HAVE A GOOD EXCUSE NO REALLY HONEST” bit. I quite enjoyed it, and feel they’ve got their feet properly under them. Tho, really, “we’ll transfer her into the main transporter buffer while we upgrade your medical transporter, ‘cause WE NEED THAT TO BE WORKING” would be a much better answer, Una. How long until this comes back to bite them?